Formed in the beginning of 1995 in Sala Sweden by guitarist John Allan. In 1998 Steel Attack recorded their first demo-tape and sent it to different labels in Europe and signed a record deal with AFM Records in June 1998 and the debut album "Where Mankind Fails" was recorded in Studio Underground, co-produced by Pelle Saether and released in 1999. The press agreed the album was maybe not a masterpiece, but a warning for what to come.

The year of 2000 followed with live-promotion tours, supporting Edguy and playing for metal heads at Festivals as Sweden Rock in Sweden and Wacken Open Air in Germany.

The 2:nd album "Fall into Madness" was like the first album recorded in Studio Underground and also co-produced by Pelle Saether. The recording took place in May 2000, but the release didn't take place until over a year later in June 2001. Even now the press agreed, Steel Attack was a band with potential. Now it was time for the first tour in the US, an 8-day tour including a performance at the Metal Meltdown Festival in New Jersey.

For the 3:rd album Steel Attack signed for Arise Metal and recorded "Predator of the Empire" in November 2002. The release of the album was in May 2003. (Steel Attack also did the song Dr. Stein for the Helloween II tribute album as their first recording for Arise Metal.)

The 4:th album "Enslaved" was recorded in a different studio, Black Lounge Studio - which is owned by Jonas Kjellgren (former member of Carnal Forge and Centinex and now in Scar Symmetry) to get a fresh sound on the album. The recording took place during April 19th to the end of May 2004. "Enslaved" was released in October 2004 and received amazing reviews everywhere! The band continued touring as ever before, such as a 12-day European tour with German Black Abyss and Canadian Exciter.

At the end of 2005 Steel Attack parted with Arise Metal to find a better deal elsewhere ... (and due to other stuff not worth mentioning) the offers where many due to the load of great reviews of "Enslaved"... The best deal offered came from German Massacre Records, which also was the label the band, had their hopes on during the "search". A contract was written between Steel Attack and Massacre Records and the recordings of the 5:th album "Diabolic Symphony" begun. Also then Steel Attack choosed to record at Black Lounge studios. The album was released April 21:st and generated a breakthrough for Steel Attack by getting a bigger fanbase and the critics said "Diabolic is the best album so far". The Sweds was once again playing in the USA, this time one of the venues was the famous Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles.

Steel Attack worked on material for a new album in mid 2007 and entered Solnasound Recording with Mike Wead (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond) at the recording desk in November that year. The album "Carpe DiEnd" is Steel Attack´s sixth studio album and in 2008 they will tour Europe and USA again.

Stay Metal Folks!

Name: Ronny Hemlin
Function: Vocals / Songwriter
Born: in Gävle, Sweden
Lives: in Gävle, Sweden
Family: Girlfriend, A dog and two cats
Equipment list: AKG wireless microphones. Crown Amplifiers, Mackie Mixer & JBL Speakers etc. etc.
Favourite place to play at: Everywhere as long as it is a Hard Rock Audience.
Favourite thing to do on tours when not playing: Sleep and play Computer games
Best tour memory: our last trip to the USA “Flight Route”: Chicago – Minneapolis – Los Angeles – New York
Worst tour memory: The buss braking down on the first day of our European tour back in 2004, - we had to spend the night in a f****ng garage in Germany – cold as hell resulting in me getting sick as hell!
Eats: Almost everything
Drinks: Milk, Water and beer!
Listen to: Steel Attack! King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Nordman, Diablo, Killswitch Engage, Pantera, Symphony X, Evergrey, Nevermore, Within Temptation, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath And a lot more. (would never tell ya’ll about all the cheesy stuff I listen too ;))
Watch: Discovery Channel and Cartoons \m/
Sideprojects: T.B.A!
Former bands: LACK OF FAITH and ARCANA MAJOR are two bands worth mentioning.

Name: John Allan
Function: Guitar
Born in: Sala, Sweden
Lives in: Sala, Sweden
Family: My wonderful wife Jennie and our 2 lovley kids Robin and Linda
Equipment list: EPS main guitars, Ibanez JPM 100, Ibanez 570, Boss GT-8, Samson UHF Series ONE Wireless and Skull Strings.
Favourite place to play at: Live
Favourite thing to do on tours when not playing: Gaming on the bus (better be an Xbox 360)
Best tour memory: The ones with great audience and a smooth working trip
Worst tour memory: If they are that bad? I drink the memory to reset then ;-)
Eats: Most of the stuff that I can eat
Drinks: Yes please
Listen to: I listen to a lot but most of the times to nothing at all
Watch: X games, Xbox live, some movies but then I have recorded them on the harddrive so i can get rid of the fucking commercials
Sideprojects: Fishing ;-)
Former bands: mix from originals to cover bands


Name: Simon Johansson
Function: Guitar
Born in: Boden, Sweden
Lives in: Solna, Sweden
Family: My better half Anette, my son Nathaniel, my plastic children Jim & Denice & our dog Tindra.
Equipment list: ESP Eclipse, 2 Schecter Damien, Schecter C7+, Gibson Les Paul, 2 Gibson Flying Vīs, Yamaha Blues Sarraceno, some Strats, Peavy JSX amp, DigiTech GSP1101 with Control 2, Line 6 Flextone amp, DigiTech GNX2, a bunch of different 4x12 cabinets, different pedals I have managed to collect over the years (the favourite is my Phase 90 I think), Seymour Duncan Pickups, Samson Wireless and Skull Strings. My other equipment is very small but it smells like a BIG one...
Favourite place to play at: Stage
Favourite thing to do on tours when not playing: Drink beer, spending time with my compadres, meet different nice people, and just hang out
Best tour memory: In Steel Attack - None yet, more to come! In other bands - Via Rock Open Air with Abstrakt Algebra and the Wacken trip with Memory Garden.
Worst tour memory: The morning after the Via Rock open air show... the problem is not what I remember, it's what I don't from the night before...
Eats: Pretty much everything, and according to John and Ronny I'm fast as a Shark. But my favourite must be Palt with lingonberry & melted butter... it is a miracle from the north of Sweden.
Drinks: Beer, Single Malt Whiskey, Cola and water
Listen to: Everything, as long as it is quality music. But it often tends to be pretty hard music. Some favourites are Nevermore, Psychotic Waltz, Opeth, King Diamond, Kent, Porcupine Tree, Hexenhaus, Rainbow, Candlemass and I could go on and on and on....
Watch: My name is Earl, Carnivale, Dead Like Me, Efterlyst, Moto GP, The Lord of the Rings, Silence of the Lambs
Other bands: Too many... But I could mention Memory Garden, Firegod, Bibleblack, Satariel... and so on.
Former bands: Abstrakt Algebra, Fifth Reason

Name: Johan Löfgren
Function: Bass
Born in: Gävle, Sweden
Lives in: Gävle, Sweden
Family: Marie and our 3 kids Nikita, Zakk, Ozzy. Oh... and a dog.
Equipment list: Musicman StingRay 5, 2 StingRay 4, Yamaha BBG5S, Mesa Boogie 400+, BagEnd Q10BX-D. EBS pedals.
Favourite place to play at: On Stage.
Favourite thing to do on tours when not playing: Anything thats fun.
Best tour memory: The Finnish Tour in April 2007.
Worst tour memory: None.
Eats: Sometimes and much.
Drinks: New Castle Brown Ale, Single Malt Whisky, Coffee etc.
Listen to: Damageplan, BLS, Kings X, Kansas, Triumph, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jhonny Cash, etc
Watch: Yeah.
Sideprojects: None.
Former bands: Lack of Faith.

Name: Peter Morén
Function: Drums and.....
Born in: Gävle, Sweden
Lives in: Bollnäs. Sweden(Bollnäs Metal Rules!!!)
Family: My Wife Cilla and 3 dogs.
Equipment list: 1 Tama Rockstar Custom set -10",12",14",16"-toms, 2x22" kickdrums and a 14" snare. 2 Pearl Custom set -12",13",16" toms, 22" kickdrum and a 14" snare. -13", 16" toms, 22" kickdrum and a 14" snare. 1 Roland V-Stage Series TD -12s set. 1 Cowabonga Custom set -12", 14" toms, 16" kickdrum and a 12" snare. 1 Premier Artist Maple set -10", 12",14",16",18" toms, 2x20" kickdrums and a 14" snare. Zildjian Cymbals, Tama Iron Cobra pedals, Remo Heads and what ever drumstix I can break!!!
Favourite place to play at: The stage in front of YOU!!!
Favourite thing to do on tours when not playing: Drink beer, Eat good food, Hang with my mates, meet fans and Sleep!!!
Best tour memory: With TAD MOROSE - Prog Power V USA, Sweden Rock Festival, Wacken Open Air, to name a few. With Steel Attack - Soon to come!!!
Worst tour memory: The buss breaking down on the Demon Tour!!
Eats: I love food, but NOT offalfood (It's NOT food).
Drinks: Beer, Islay Whiskey, Water.
Listen to: Not much, ain't got time! Some favourites are: King Diamond, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Meshuggah, Led Zeppelin, Lamb Of God, In Flames, Deep Purple and on and on and on!!!!
Watch: BBC Food Channel, Discovery Channel, Some Fav. Movies: The Lord of the Rings, Guest House Paradiso, Groundhog Day, and a lot of horror movies.
Other bands: TAD MOROSE, Sepher Jezirah, Attitudes.
Former bands: None (Well some old demo-bands, but does it count?)


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