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This site is the ultimate source for information about the Swedish heavy metal band Steel Attack. At this new and improved version of the site you will of course find the latest official news and information about the band, and lots of other stuff, just click on the buttons in the menu on top to explore the site. Donīt forget to sign our guestbook. Enjoy! ....

Hereyou can check out some of our work released by Massacre Records..... and BUY IT! :)

2008.09.19 New video for the song Crawl!

Check it out in the media section

2008.06.05 New Show added!

New show at Wasteland in Gävle added.
Check out the tour section for info regarding upcoming shows.

2008.05.31 Tonight Show Postponed!

Unfortunately the show tonight at Club Blacksmith in Södertälje has been postponed. This due to circumstances beoynd our control. The new dates will be posted as soon as we get them confirmed. We're very sorry for this.
Thomas Ståhl

2008.05.03 Time to rock Stockholm!

We just want to welcome every metalhead in Stockholm to Tantogården tonight.
Doors open 19.00. Be there in time so you don't miss any of the bands.
See you tonight!

2008.03.23 New merchadise available

Want to look good this spring?
Then take a look in the SHOP section and order your very own Steel Attack merchandise.

2008.02.08 It is time for Carpe DiEnd

Welcome to our brand new website that follows the theme of the upcoming album "Carpe DiEnd" that will be released through Massacre Records in Europe on February 22nd.

2008.01.20 Studio Report IV

The Album is ready! Carpe DiEnd Keeps heading down the dark and symphonic path of Melodic Heavy Metal. So if you liked Diabolic Symphony you will love this one (in an evil manly way of course ;))

In short we promise you all that there will be a major update to this website with pictures and shit related to the new album.

2008.01.09 Studio Report III

Things are still moving Forward in the recording process, at the end of the recording process while all was as stressful as it can be we all went FAR UP NORTH in Sweden "To Owe Lingvall once again" and shot a video to be included on Carpe DiEnd, yeah thats the title of the album! A hysterical headbanger performance video with lots of energy. Actually we're done recording a couple of days ago but we simply had no time to tell yah about it... sorry. The Mixing of the album is now in session and it'll all be done this week! Stay tuned for more news about the album - and our upcoming Tours!

2007.12.01 Studio Report II

Hey there people! Things are moving forward here in the studio. The rhythm guitars as well as bass guitars are done and now Mr. HELLmin is practicing voodoo in the song-booth. Some of us have also turned sick during the recording, it started of with Simon spending 5 day’s in bed with the fever from HELL and now both Johan and John is knocked out. John with the flue and Johan with the chickenpox. Guess we need to remove those voodoo dolls from the song booth! By the way, John is still alive…he is not talking as much as usual though, must be the flu. Maybe he will survive this recording after all. Please remember to take a look in the picture gallery for some pictures from the recordings.
Until next time, Cheers!!! SA

2007.11.09 Studio Report I

Hell o everybody, last week we were in Andy LaRocque's studio "Sonic Train" and recorded the drums for our "still untiteled" upcoming album.... as allways we had a good time and all went smooth and according to our brilliant and über Evil plan :) Now We're back in the Solnasound Studio and are recording the guitars. John is talking the hell out of our patience as allways.. soon we'll have to kill him but don't tell anybody please :) stay tuned for more info. - Meanwhile... have a look at some pictures in the picturegallery!!!

2007.09.18 Line-up Change

A few changes has taken place in Steel Attack the past six months. Anden Andersson decided to leave the band in April, he has been replaced by Johan Löfgren (Lack of Faith). Tony Elfving and Johan Jalonen Penn also decided to move on and left the band in August. They were replaced by Peter Morén (Tad Morose) and Simon Johansson (Memory Garden, Abstrakt Algebra). Steel Attack is currently writing new material and will enter the recording studio in the beginning of November.

Thomas Ståhl

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